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Our Approach
We are the experts who can understand your Business & Your Customers needs to create a Website that meets Your Goals. There are several elements that make up a creative, innovative, functional and friendly design. We've listed below what we think is important about each of these areas of design and why we create sites with these elements in mind.

»» Planning
»» Designing
»» Demo & Testing
»» Implementation


All the below points are discussed by our iGuru with you to understand your needs.
Define the Objective of your Site: Is it to generate more income? Develop name recognition? Enhance company image? Sell products to consumers or wholesalers? Develop a national or global market for your business?
Define Your Audience: Think expansively. Will you be selling products to the public? Providing business-to-business services? Offering expertise to other professionals in the field? Who are you not reaching now? Who, besides direct customers, might view or use your site? Design your web site from the perspective of your audience; not your organization. Jot down scenarios in which different types of visitors come to your site and try to think about how you would address each of their needs.

Pinpoint a Unique Concept: What's your competitive edge? How is your company different? Do you plan to compete on price, quality or service or the uniqueness of your product or ideas? Will you do a better job of marketing than your competition? Can you bring to the table special products, knowledge, contacts, sources? Think about this and plan your site with that in mind.

Consider Site Features: This could include special forms, a shopping cart, a content management package or special graphic elements.

Make a Budget for the Site: A web site should be integrated into your existing and long-term business goals and not considered a one-time marketing expense. Budget for the initial cost of site design and development, but also keep in mind that you'll want to update your site just like you make changes and updates to your business.

Assemble Site Content: Inventory the content you already have in printed brochures, flyers or newsletters. Collect graphics or photos you have for logos, signs, posters, products, staff or personnel. Get your product database or other materials you want on your website and we'll put it together. Or, we can design graphics, compose the content, and create other material for you. Read more about what we can create for you.

Set a Target Date: Set up a schedule of when you plan to review, write or provide site content, which you have to meet with to make decisions and a target date of when you want the site to be up and running.


Once we gathered some information during the planning process. We use this checklist to help you gather your content and focus your design ideas.

Start Brainstorming:

Gather your best brainstormers and/or those who will be making decisions on the design look and content of the web site and get their input. (It's best to have their input now instead of a month from now at your site launching party!)

To get the juices flowing, check out competitor or similar sites and identify what you like and don't like about them in the way of design, graphics, content and navigation.

Define the Theme of Your Site:

Do you want the "Theme" of your site to be fun? Whether it can be classy or Traditional or simple or Jazzy?

Consider your current print materials.

How will your site continue to reflect your desired company image?

Think about Layout & Navigation:

Consider your web site from the perspective of your audience; not your organization.

How will visitors want to explore your site? Will they want to see a list of services or a catalog of products or see examples of your work? or get a quote?

How do you want your customers to contact you? Email or online contact form or phone? Grab Them on the Home Page:

What are the top 5 questions people ask you about your products or services? The answers to those should be on your site and easily accessible on or from your home page.

Write a short paragraph or bulleted list that emphasizes your "unique concept or benefit" that makes buying or using your products or services a must. Will your motto work well on the site?

Consider Colors & Graphics:

Simple color schemes and fewer graphical elements are easier to read.

We can repeat your printed material's look throughout your site or come up with a color scheme for you.

We can use your existing logo or create one for you.

Keep in mind that more graphics and photos increase load time.

Define Work Process & Schedule:

What is the best way for us to keep in contact?

How should we collect site materials?

What is your target date for completion?

Additional Considerations for Shopping Cart Sites:

How many products do you want to sell online?

Can the products be grouped into logical categories?

Do you have product descriptions and photos?

What kind of order method (s) do you need?

Browse catalog to order

Type in product id numbers to order

Select multiple items from one page to order

Will there be quantity pricing or bulk items?

Will you be selling to both retail and wholesale customers?

What will your shipping charges or special order considerations are?

Additional Considerations for Content Management Sites:

Define what type and how much content you want to manage. Will it be lists or newsletters or articles or a calendar?

If you update a piece of content, say an event calendar, at least once a month, it's a good candidate for inclusion.

Consider who will be managing the content or if you will give the data to us to update your site Development

After gathering and designing the information, our iGurus professionals will develop the website of your dreams.

Look and Feel:

We will try to create innovative and imaginative design which suits your requirement and related to you business and try to incorporative all your website needs in to it. As the “look & feel” is the first & foremost factor which attracts any site visitor, we spend as much time as possible to make this right for you whether its 5 page site or 50 page ecommerce solution. No project is small for us.


After the look & feel is ready, we incorporate the functionalities you requested in to the site and try to make them as simple as possible. So any new internet users will be able to play around easily without trouble.

Demo & Testing:

We try to complete the basic design of the site in few days so we can demo it your pulse. Once we got the pulse, we complete the whole website few days before the project target date and give the final walk thru to the customer. At this time, we will also encourage the customer to test the site thoroughly and report any problem or changes needed.

If anything needs to changed or modified, we take a note and try to fix them fast as possible. Don’t worry we won’t disappear after we deliver the project, we will be with you to support you according to your agreement, so no worries of any bug misses.


After the testing and complete satisfaction from you, we will implement the site to the actual domain as you requested and deliver the project. We will support the project for 3 months or according to the maintenance agreement and try to solve any issues during that period. But we are confident that we will catch everything and have smooth ride after the implementation. If you are not hosting with us, we will deliver the package to you and it’s your responsibility to implement and setup the site.

It’s our overall approach and we are sticking to it. We feel this is approached really helped both us and the customer to get the dream website completed and up and running on time. We follow the same model for Website Redesign with little deviation and other services too.

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