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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
We will provide our best efforts without any guarantee to obtain high organic rankings for your selected web sites with the following major search engines: AltaVista, AOL Web Search, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, AllTheWeb, Google, HotBot, Inktomi, IWon, Lycos, MSN, NetScape Search, Open Directory (dmoz), Yahoo Directory, and Yahoo Index (the "Search Engines").

SEO Company Services specifically include:

1. Research and finalization of the keywords to be used in the promotion of the above web pages. This includes the identification of high-traffic keywords and selection of case, singular/plural, and tense for each keyword phrase. Likewise, we will research and select appropriate categories for submission to each directory.

2. Revising existing Client pages to be optimized for the Search Engines. This is an iterative process that may involve many versions for each page. This includes a detailed review and alteration of the title, description, keywords, headings, comments, image alts, and link tags, and the text appearing in the body of the page. It also includes the insertion of popularity linkage technology to improve search engine spider navigation and rankings. This may involve adding visible text to various pages consistent with current design.

3. Content review as appropriate to suggest keyword density, frequency, and distribution throughout your content. In some cases it may be appropriate to create additional site pages focused on specific content. In many cases it will be appropriate to revise content structure to comply with search engine and directory requirements.

4. Incorporation of Dynamic Site MappingTM technology to facilitate site mapping and traffic reporting. This technology will facilitate the search engine spider crawling of dynamic, frames, and very large static web sites.

5. Incorporation of LinkMapsTM technology to facilitate the indexing of sites that link to your site (popularity).

6. Incorporation of PathMapsTM technology to facilitate the monitoring of traffic to Client's site (visitors).

7. Submission of revised Client pages to each of the monitored Search Engines and directories. This is a manual process and is performed at least twice per month. Directory submissions will occur with prior approval of Client.

8. Link recommendations will be provided to Client. These recommendations will be of sites already identified as linking to top sites for the Client keywords and that are candidates for adding links to the Client site.

9. Online access to proprietary Ranking Reports at least twice per month showing the ranking of the Client web site in the monitored Search Engines and directories. Rankings will show where the top ranked page from the Client site(s) appear in the top 50 positions for the selected search engines and directories.

10. Online access to proprietary Competition Ranking Reports at least twice per month showing the ranking of the competing web sites in the monitored Search Engines and directories for each client keyword.

11. Links: We will acquire an initial twenty-five inbound links to target pages within client site from keyword-associated and appropriate research sites. (We will NOT participate in any LinkFarm or similarly deceptive linking scheme).

12. Training: As a part of the SEO Services, one employee from Client may attend our SEO Training Course course at our Southern California training facility.

13. Review of Ranking Reports to determine if the above Web Site Pages require revisions or submission activity and if so, then those services are provided. This includes the performance of all above services should rankings be significantly lowered during the contract period.

14. National or multi-national projects include a program manager review and verbal status discussion with client staff at least twice each month. During these calls the client is fully briefed on the progress made and the next steps in the project. [Regional projects include email communications since they are at a greatly reduced fee.]

We agree to render services reasonably necessary to obtain this result. Upon completion of rankings by the Search Engines, our SEO company will continue to regularly monitor Client's Web Site Pages for the term of this Agreement.

Support Performed By Client

Client agrees to provide reasonable support when upgrading Client web site pages with us provided additions or changes. This support includes, but is not limited to:

15. Constructing web pages containing code to aid in search engine optimization as defined by us.

16. Uploading files in a prompt manner when provided by us.

17. Testing and approving changes provided by us.

18. Providing reasonable notification to us of any changes to the Web Site Pages initiated by Client

19. If programming of dynamic pages is required to integrate our changes, all changes will be performed by Client staff in a timely and complete manner

20. Client is responsible for providing server space and directories as defined by us. to hold pages associated with SEO efforts

21. Client is responsible for providing a unique IP address for each promoted web site home page

22. Client is responsible for providing us with FTP access to the Client web site unless determined inappropriate by Client policy

23. Client shall participate in, pay for, and manage all positioning opportunities when associated with the pay-per-click Search Engines and keywords. Client shall approve and pay for all appropriate directory and search engine index submissions.

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